Analytics and Valuation

NFT indices

We construct a family of NFT indices that capture various aspects of the NFT market and its components.

BLT Weekly
Penny NFTs
Past winners
Past losers

Other indices

We construct a number of related indices that provide additional characterization for the behavior of the NFT market. Our research shows that prices in the related markets (the crypto tokens and equities that are related to NFT) may correlate with the NFT indices [1,2,3]. Moreover, we show that measures of attention have proven to be important for the behavior of such markets [1,3,4,8].

NFT stocks
NFT coins
NFT attention
Metaverse attention
Crypto attention

Valuation (AVM)

We construct an AVM (automated valuation model) that optimally combines information from the BLT indices and machine learning techniques to generate updated high-precision and reliable valuations of individual NFTs and NFT collections.

Azuki valuation
Bored Ape Yacht Club valuation
Bored Ape Kennel Club valuation
Cool Cats valuation
CryptoKitties valuation
Cryptopunks valuation
Clone X valuation
Decentraland valuation
Mutant Ape Yacht Club valuation
Pudgy Penguins valuation
Rarible valuation
SupDucks valuation


We provide core analytics for the NFT market following our research [1].

  • Volatility and the Sharpe ratio are the key characteristics of the risk/return tradeoff of an asset.

Sharpe ratio

  • The index-to-transactions indicator is an important valuation ratio that also has significant predictive power in the time-series. [1,7 ]


  • Momentum/reversal statistics is a key property of the behavior of the NFT index over time (see, [1]) and a key component of its predictability and of the predictability of crypto tokens (see also, [2,3,4,8]).


  • We calculate the time-varying exposure of the NFT markets to the related markets: NFT coins and stocks. This is a version of the classic CAPM methodology.


  • Trading gap and the repeat sale volume are measures of liquidity and the depth of the market.

Trading gap

  • The correlation heatmap summarizes the correlation of the NFT market with a variety of other markets and indicators.

Correlation heatmap